ADD: Auto Data Deploy

Populate existing HTML, XML, SQL & Text templates from your database automatically.

ADD (Auto Data Deploy) is a flexible .NET application that enables you to update existing HTML, XML, SQL & Text templates
with data from MSSQL & Oracle databases automatically. ADD can be used to populate any text based file with data from your database.
ADD also supports single-pass bursting. Bursting enables you to automatically create separate HTML pages based on a subset of the data.
For example you may need to create separate files per country, region, department, customer or sales person.

ADD can populate your existing templates in a combination of 2 ways:
1.) It can update a [DATA] tag with a multi-row data selection from your database (ideal for data arrays & xml data sets).
2.) It can update several [TOKEN] tags and replace these with single SQL select statements (ideal for titles, dates, names etc).

Typically in a static HTML web dashboard page you have a data array and several fields you want to update such as the date, title and others.
ADD could update an existing HTML template with this information instantly. The video below will show you exactly how this works.
The following web dashboard was created using ADD tool in just 2 seconds: Web Dashboard

ADD handles data querying and exporting in a very efficient way and can export separate HTML pages in just milliseconds. This means you can refresh and upload an entire website very quickly. It is also quick and easy to automatically refresh your HTML pages, simply setup a windows schedule task to run the ADD processes. You may choose to refresh your HTML pages every 15 minutes, hourly, daily or monthly.
You can also run multiple instances of the .NET application if you need to export large numbers of HTML files in parallel.

Please contact us if you are interested in using Auto Data Deploy.
Auto Data Deploy is completely free and open source and we only ask for a Donation if your company benefits from using the software.