About Report Central
Report Central is a web based solution developed by APB Reports which allows you to create secure, interactive and fast HTML components for your Intranet/Internet sites.
HTML components include charts, grids and dashboards and are developed using the latest HTML Javascript libraries such as: Jquery, Devexpress, Bootstrap, Telerik, Datatables and more.
This allows you to present animated and interactive charts, and present data in powerful, flexible data grids with tons of functionality.
All Charts and Grids have a clean and simple layout in order to present the information in the most intuitive way for the end user.
Our Dashboard examples have also been designed to give a clear and intuitive presentation of your Key Performance Indicators.

Report Central pages are created using Crystal Reports to query your database and are then exported automatically using Visual Cut from Millet Software.
All Pages in Report Central are designed to display static data and they can be automatically refreshed on a schedule you decide.
We recommend using Visual Cut to create Report Central pages as this has several performance and security benefits:
  • HTML pages include static data so they load extremely fast.
  • You don't need complex web server configurations since the pages are static.
  • You don't need to pay for expensive Dashboard software/licences.
  • No data is linked to your databases so they pages are 100% secure.
  • No additional database load when many users preview pages since they are static HTML.
  • Easy to export pages and upload via SFTP on a schedule you decide: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Alerts etc.
  • Visual Cut has extended HTML/Text/SFTP functionality which simplifies the entire process.
So how do you get started?

Typically my clients send me a Crystal report with saved data. The report must include data you want presented in a chart or grid.
We then update your crystal report file with the necessary HTML code and send it back to you.
You then simply add the report in Visual Cut and export it as a TXT with a file extension .HTML.
We will also provide you with the necesssary HTML Javascript/CSS files and the HTML code for Report Central so you can preview your new page(s).
All HTML pages can also be embedded into your existing sites. We can provide information and examples how to do this using iframes.
So you just need to decide which charting components you require (size, color etc) and then design a basic Crystal Report with your data (no formatting required).
You can start by previewing the pages available in the Menu above. We recommend using the latest Chrome Browser or IE 11. (IE 8, 9 & 10 are no longer supported by Microsoft).
We can also connect directly to your network via TeamViewer or you may upload a backup of your database to our secure FTP and we can develop the reports against your database.

How much will it cost?

Depending on the complexity of your page request, consultancy can range from 1 hour to a few days to design the HTML code in Crystal Reports.
Typically we can design your pages/components very quickly and will have you up and running in next to no time.
The first time we develop a HTML page/component for you we must discuss the data source, page design, colors, functionality etc
Our hourly rate is $100 USD for designing Report Central pages (plus MVA tax if your company resides in Norway).

For customers who want to create pages in-house then we can also provide consultancy services to get you up and running quickly.
This includes training in Crystal Reports, Visual Cut and HTML coding

We have designed Report Central pages for many large Companies including Seadrill, SapuraKencana, Teekay, Odebrecht, COSL, Odfjell, Rowan Drilling and many others.
We will be adding new and updated examples every week so check in regularly to see some more examples to suit your next web based project.
If you want to see some specific examples please let me know via email (click the contact icon in the top right corner).