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About Us

Our goal at APB Reports is to provide the best Business Intelligence solutions with the greatest service possible.
APB Reports provides professional solutions & services to help you manage, analyse and distribute your business data.

From reporting solutions, dashboards and IT support, our skilled Consultants will ensure you have the right information at the right time to run your business more efficiently and effectively. We specialize in Crystal Report development, Visual Cut Consultancy and database support for Oracle, MSSQL Server, Excel, Access and more.

We have clients across the globe including US, Australia, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Singapore and Malaysia.
Some of our clients include Transocean, Odebrecht, COSL, Floatel, Seadrill, Ocean Rig, Teekay Petrojarl, Rowan Drilling, Odfjell, Siem Offshore, Colorline, Hurtigruten, SapuraKencana, ASP Ship Management and many others.

Our Solutions

Dispatch is a fully automated Report distribution solution powered by Visual Cut, which has an extensive set of features and functionality.
Dispatch can process Crystal Reports against many data sources and can be exported and distributed via email or to any folder on your network including secure FTP/Printers. Dispatch also offers special capabilities for PDF, Excel, Word and HTML documents. Emails can be configured with dynamic information including HTML content, charts, graphs and relevant data and support for multiple attachments and recipients. Dispatch also has a very powerful bursting feature which allows you to send separate emails based on dynamic data grouping. For example emails can be automatically distributed by Vendor, Department, User etc. Dispatch uses the built-in Windows Scheduled Tasks utility to schedule reports so you have full control of when reports are distributed.

Report Central is a complete Dashboard solution which allows you to view all your KPIs, Statistics and operational reports in a web browser. Report Central is a very unique Dashboard solution that is secure, fast and flexible by design. Unlike other Dashboard solutions that restrict you to their API, software and web servers, Report Central allows you to automatically create static HTML files and host them in a windows folder, cloud services (Dropbox and Google Apps etc), your Intranet or your website. Static HTML files are created on a schedule you define (trigger based, hourly, daily, weekly etc) with Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Web Pages can include css and advanced javascript libraries so you can display fast, interactive data grids, charts and many other advanced features. We have a variety of dashboard examples built with Devexpress JS / Telerik Kendo UI / High Charts / Datatables and other JS libraries. Report Central supports drill-down navigation and record commenting. Report Central also supports exporting data to fully formatted PDF, Excel, BMP and other formats. HTML pages are generated using Visual Cut and Crystal Reports so it makes developing professional Dashboards fast and very flexible. There is basically no limitation to how a page can look and we have many examples of professional dashboards to get you started.
Check out some of our chart components and dashboard examples here: http://www.apbreports.com/report-central


Boomerang is a secure Report request service driven via email which allows you to request a report from anywhere in the world and from any device. Boomerang offers you and your team all the power of automated reporting and gives you the added flexibility to request a report the moment you need it. Boomerang is a unique solution which will save your company time and money for on-demand reporting.

Our Clients

Some of our clients include Transocean, Odebrecht, COSL, Floatel, Seadrill, Det Norske, Ocean Rig, Teekay Petrojarl, Rowan Drilling, Odfjell, Siem Offshore, Colorline, Hurtigruten, Japan Drilling, SapuraKencana, ASP Ship Management and others.

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