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New Excel Import Tool

A client recently had a requirement to automatically import data from excel files into their database on a daily/weekly basis. Today we are pleased to annouce the release of a new Excel Import Tool which does exactly that.

The Excel Import Tool enables you to automatically import all data from an excel file into an MSSQL & Oracle database. The tool allows you to configure the folder, file name (begins with), tab name and of course the destination table name. The tool also imports the values from cell formulas and you also have the option to ignore the first row if it includes headers. The tool can also archive the excel file into a folder once it has been successfully imported into the database. You can schedule the application to run automatically by calling the executable in a batch file with a configuration file. You can run multiple instances of the .NET application if you need to import large numbers of files in parallel.

Please contact us if you are interested in automatically importing excel data into a database.

New Dashboard Functionality: Pivot-grid Chart

We are always trying to add more functionality to our dashboard pages and at the same time improve performance. However, increased functionalty often results in decreased performance. Today we are pleased to announce a new dashboard control which adds a huge amount of functionality while at the same time providing very fast load times.

If you preview this example you will see a simple page which includes a chart and many filters in the header. What you don't see is that the page includes more than 22,000 rows of data and a huge amount of functionality for the end-user. You can now filter on many multi-select filters and even a free text filter which queries all applicable fields. When you apply a filter, the chart will automatically refresh. You can hover over any bar to get additional details. You can also click any bar, category description or legend item to open the drill-down data grid for the applicable data. The drill-down grid also has many features including vertical & horizontal scrolling, filters and instant export to excel. This dashboard page is created with our new ADD (Auto data deploy) in less than 5 seconds. The page includes several javascript components from Devexpress such as dxChart, dxPivotGrid & dxGrid.

Please contact us for a free demo and discussion.

New Dashboard Generator: ADD (Auto Data Deploy)

We are pleased to announce the release of our new dashboard generator: ADD (Auto Data Deploy).

ADD enables you to connect to your on-premise MSSQL & Oracle databases and automatically populate existing HTML templates. HTML templates can include powerful javascript libraries which enable you to present your data in charts, grids and pivot tables. This provides your users with the necessary tools to interact with your business data with filters, sorting & grouping controls, tooltips and drill-down. Since all pages are static there is zero risk of anyone gaining unauthorized access to your databases and load times are almost instant.

ADD also supports single-pass bursting. Bursting enables you to automatically create separate HTML pages based on a subset of the data. For example you may need to create separate HTML pages per country, region, department, customer or sales person. ADD handles data bursting in a very efficient way and can export separate HTML pages in just milliseconds. This means you can refresh and upload an entire website very quickly. It is also quick and easy to automatically refresh your HTML pages, simply setup a windows schedule task to run the ADD processes. You may choose to refresh your HTML pages every 15 minutes, hourly, daily or monthly. You can run multiple instances of the .NET application if you need to export large numbers of HTML files in parallel.

Please contact us if you are interested in implementing auto-refreshing static html pages.