Save time & money with report automation & distribution.

APB Reports provides powerful automated reporting solutions which enable you to distribute reports across your organization and to your clients. Report automation eliminates the need to manually generate reports, preventing the possibility of delays and errors. Automated reports can be sent on any fixed schedule or when an exception/alert occurs.

Our automated reporting solutions are powered by Visual Cut. Visual CUT lets you schedule periodic & exception reports for exporting, bursting, emailing, and printing. Email messages, export file names and folders and other options can incorporate dynamic content from fields/formulas in the report.


We can detect the list of Group Level 1 values and automatically trigger a separate export/print/email process for each one of these group values. You could burst a purchase order report by vendor or a monthly salary report by employee in a single process.


Export the report as a whole or Burst each Group Level-1 to a variety of file formats (PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, TXT), save the results to dynamically named disk files/folders and include them as attachments to email messages.


Email Alerts & Exception Reports by scheduling Crystal reports with an option that aborts processing when the report has zero selected records. Alert managers to exception conditions related to quality, productivity, expenses, order processing, complaints etc.


Message bodies and options (subject, From, To, cc, bcc, attachments, ...) can incorporate dynamic content from fields/formulas in the report. The email body can also include HTML tables useful for purchase orders and other detailed summaries.

Command line

Special arguments can be added in Visual Cut or a batch file which add additional functionality to the default export process. These could include adding filters in Excel, password protecting files, archiving files to a zip, merging files, adding bookmarks etc.


Burst data into multiple sheets (tabs) within a single workbook. Password-protected against unauthorized viewing and/or editing. Export data into templates while cloning formats, formulas and sparklines. XLSX support.


Password protect, restrict editing rights, add bookmarks, create data-entry forms, add digital signatures, embed additional PDFs, linearize for performance online, merge files, split files, add scrollable fields and much more.


Find and replace text strings, export/burst separate files quickly, merge files, split files, upload to FTP/SFTP and generate auto-refreshing dashboards. Click dashboards in the menu to find out more.